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Brochure Design
Brochures plays an important role in promoting your business. Striking visuals leave a lasting impression on your target audience. Brochures are the forefront of marketing efforts. The purpose of it is to give the complete information to the customer about your products and services offered by your company. We provide catalogs with necessary information and captivating brochures that communicates your values and ethics as a company.

PEXATEK can design and print your brochure. Our Brochure Design services is affordable and is of high-end quality. We can help you determine the best size and format; even write or edit your content if you need us to. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail to ensure that you are thrilled with the finished product. No matter how advanced technology is now, the printed word, still retains its value and importance in our society today. We offer our clients brochures to meet their needs, using only the highest quality digital printers available.

Types of Brochures are as follows :

Leave Behinds - Leave-Behinds brochures are left behind with prospects after a sales meeting or presentation or after meeting a potential customer. It contains complete descriptions of the product / service that you offer, a small summary of the sales presentation. This brochure is for clients to review after meeting.

Point of Sale - A point of sale brochure is conveniently located in an easy to access spot to give you something to read while you wait, for example it could be located at bank, hospitals, small clinics etc. Point of sale brochures have catchy headlines like take way brochure or take along with you etc and a beautiful design that urges clients to pick it up and read. We produce excellent designs to your specification for all your point of sale and purchase requirements.

Response to Inquiry - Response to Inquiry brochures are the ones given to customers who have contacted you and have requested for some information regards to your product or services. This brochure to take your prospect to the next step that is interest of buying. These are designed with details of buying process, has sales important points.

Direct Mail - Direct Mail is one of the most significant, and effective forms of marketing communications. The sales letter sells but a brochure used with direct mail contains photos, your product's sales points and even technical features. This allows you to employ very personal, targeted and persuasive methods of selling your product or services. We will help you with your mailings in cost effective way by analyzing, mailing sizes, formats and volumes.

Sales Support Tool - When it comes to sales Support tool brochures, it helps visually convey your message, saves sales meeting time, and points out the important benefit and values of brand. It is same as leave behind brochures. This type weighs more on sales. Support tool brochures have large images and headings.
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